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When litigation is unavoidable, we are ready to perform and fight for our clients in court.

Protection and preservation of technology and, in particular, intellectual property, is essential for business owners. Your proprietary information, such as, patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other IP rights, is vitally important to you, and thus, vitally important to us.  As a boutique IP firm, our goal is to first and foremost, make our valuable services accessible to our clients.  In particular, we are uniquely positioned to fight for our clients’ rights, defend them from attack, and do so in a cost-efficient way that sets us apart.

At Madan Law PLLC, we work closely with business owners to assess company risks and stop conflicts before they arise. However, sometimes litigation is necessary.  When this is the case, it is our goal to find the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.  Our clients benefit from our business-focused approach to developing litigation strategies that are custom tailored to each client’s definition of success.  We also are there for our clients when other business disputes arise and can handle anything from mediation to arbitration to trial.

Whether it’s trademark or copyright infringement, dilution, or some other misappropriation of intellectual property rights, it is our passion and goal to make a custom solution work for our clients.

How much does litigation cost?

Big law firms want you to think litigation is expensive. They are often unwilling to change an archaic model. At Madan Law, we believe in a more progressive approach.  Specifically, we offer affordable options to our clients, including both fixed-fee rates for defense matters as well as hybrid fixed-fee-contingency fee schedules for plaintiff’s-side matters.  We offer extremely competitive pricing compared to many other litigation and intellectual property law firms because we believe that everyone deserves to be protected, no matter how big or small they are.  If you are in a situation where litigation is unavoidable, call us today for a consultation, we’d love to help you.

Own. Protect. Prevent.


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