Image from USPTO

Colin Kaepernick’s company “Inked Flash” has filed a trademark application attempting to protect a drawing of Kaepernick’s face and hair.  The drawing consists of his head and signature afro in black and white.  The trademark filed is to be used on a broad spectrum of things ranging from shampoo and hairspray to drums and candles and lampshades.  Additionally, the mark will be used for “conducting workshops and seminars in self-empowerment and awareness; Providing classes, workshops, seminars and camps in the field of self-empowerment and awareness to properly interact with law enforcement; Providing a website about education, social activism, self-empowerment and awareness; Production of television shows and films.”  It’s important to remember that filing under various classes allows a trademark owner more freedom on what can be protected by trademark law.

Due to Kaepernick’s recent exposure in the media, it might be considered a great career move to trademark and monetize his likeness to promote the movement.

Kaepernick has also recently filed “#ImWithKap” and “I’m With Kap” for use on clothing items.

Are you interested to see what products Kap will be putting out?  What do you think of all this?

Article by Carissa Chow